Me blog? Or simply “goblog”?

What do I write here? Ok: this is my first blogging post. Blog.

So what is a blog? This is new to me yet not new. Well I found out that the term “blog” is a linguistic blend of two words. Another sophisticated term for this is also known as a portmanteau word. Whereby two or more words are combined by their meanings and sounds to define a new word. So “blog” is a simplified form of weblog which originally is web log. Therefore web log, or web logging is an action of creating entries of information into a computer, which is link to the internet web. Probably began as something functional, or more of a defined purpose, this activity probably starts to evolve and take in some forms of personification. It is known as online diary.

There are many reasons why this digital culture evolves, but a notable point for me is, there are people who wish to express themselves, with whatever things that they have in them, be it ideas, thoughts and feelings, and many things else. However, they may have difficulties or inabilities to express it through their human nature. For some reasons, their natural human characters probably does not allow themselves to behave appropriately or to express in an appropriate tone or language. It’s like a baby saying to its mother: “Maa-maa… Poo-poo..” which means: “Mother, I need the toilet please…” So this blogging thing, becomes an avenue or channel for people to express themselves. It maybe silent in the real world, but not in the virtual world. Virtually, it is the speech of their minds and the voices of their soul. Represented in clean digital texts. And that is another notable point. This clean digital texting activity becomes a kind of therapy: You read and revised your own blog, you share using the correct words, you read how the others blog. You try to express yourself if not in your most natural behaviour of your subconscious language, it will be in whatever way you deem most effective to express your notions and emotions. It’s all clean and clear to read. Over and over again, and its nice. Happy. You manage to get rid of a plot of weeds off your mind. Yes, nice and clean. So this is the point where people shift from writing to typing. Reading back a diary entry of an angry account that you have it written may not be a pleasing moment. To some extent, you may feel disgusted or horrified about what your handwriting looks like, and what does it says. And it becomes something that you may regret conveying and you may wish not keeping. It’s a different generation today. While the past generation may be able to compose an angry account in the most composed manner and language, but today, the angry behaviour of people has fallen into a different time warp and speed warp. Patience has become a displacement for instant results to fulfill a desire. So, if you discover some handicaps as you type your own blog that displeases you, simple. Backspace. Backspace. Backspace.

I began writing when I was 8. My very first diary. A habit that I followed my grandfather wherever he went. I burned all my diaries when I was 15. At 16, design journalism was part of our design school’s training. I like the techniques taught better. And I didn’t stop writing my journals right up to the beginning of my very first blogging entry here.

Initially, the idea of blogging is such a far-far-far-away land. In the real world to date, I have about 40+ volumes of personal journals, about some 7-8 volumes of traveling journals, some 4-5 volumes of poems and song books I composed, some 3-4 volumes of drawing journals, some 3-4 volumes of my own lexicons, and 3 different journals on going right now. All these since 1996. That’s when in 1997, my batch were the first to be introduced to web designing, which I was fluent back then. Then later, I got stuck in the print world, along with my ink world, only then now in 2013, I “entered” the digital world. I love the digital world. I love digital graphics. I love these pixels. But I love strokes more. I love live natural ink or carbon strokes. That’s what I wrote about for my tiny thesis: “The Difference Between A Stroke and A Pixel.”

Writing is the way I breathe. It is my drugs. It is my ecstasy. It is my voice. It is where and how my mind walks. It is how my heart dances. It is where my eyes become a cosmic microscope. It is where my ears become a nuclear antenna. It is where my nose becomes the black hole. It is where the pupils in my eyes becomes the sun. It is where my mind give births to notions as much as the water molecules in the oceans. That’s what I can say about writing and me. The relationship between the pen, ink and paper is a symbiosis of the civilisation in the mind. It’s an interpretation of the behaviours of the soul. A behaviour that can only be done by humans apart from any other creations ever exist. So who actually teaches us humans how to write? I’ll leave that question hanging. Smile.

So, this idea of me starting a blog, is like almost colliding with my passion in writing. Generally writing, which may affect my calligraphy. So this question to myself, having myself starting to blog is it “goblog“? Being a Javanese, “goblog/goblok” is a Javanese term for: stupid, foolish, silly or inane. So really, as my intention is simply to make known of my existence through having a website, it is simply an idea of an easier virtual way of promoting my skills. While the idea of blogging does not fail to tempt my mind to write through type, will my writing and drawing habits slowly cease? That’s the thing I’m not sure. This blog-cum-gallery site may end up becoming a ghost-blog site. Or my journals may end up sitting in its own sanctum of empty quiet spaces. Or if I am lucky, I may end up having both of my web screen full of types and my papers filled with inks and graphites. A wish for a wish. One of the desires must decease. Hm?

Let’s wait and see. Thank you for reading. And thank you WordPress.



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