Khat @ PAssion Arts Night with Sembawang GRC [2013 Apr 27]

“Faddho’s Chalk and Ink Fiesta”


PAssion Arts Month with Sembawang GRC

Journey Towards Richness of Arts & Culture: Arabic Calligraphy Showcase

27 April 2013. Saturday. 7-9.30pm. Mega Sports Park @ Woodlands Drive 70. Singapore.


Headed by Woodlands CACC, this roadshow event highlight traditional arts and musical showcase on 6 different cultures: Malay, Philippines, Chinese, Thai, Balinese and Hindu. Residents will be introduced to experience Arabic and Chinese calligraphy, trying out different musical instruments from different ethnic groups like Erhu and Kompang, enjoying stage performances including joined singing sessions including some exotic Ukulele performances! This event was graced by Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC, Mr Khaw Boon Wan (Minister for National Development).


For the first time, the calligraphy booth was like a Pasar Malam (Night Bazaar), messed with residents of all genders, races and age, swarming around in attempt to try out Arabic calligraphy. Some of them tried it out for fun, some of them tried it out just for ticket points, some bringing their children to try out for exposures, and some even stay longer to try a serious practice. Interestingly, even performers, right in their costumes and some even get themselves changed, drop by to have a try in the last minutes. Not forgetting, even the minister Mr Khaw Boon Wan had his share too. To top it all, residents get to take back free worksheets back home!

Thank you Mr Muhammad Ahmad of Sembawang Community Centre. And yes my favourite Mr Blackboard, which helped the booth to be such a magnetic segment!



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