Khat Workshop @ Bukit Panjang CC [2013 May 19 – Jun 09]

Khat Workshops @ Bukit Panjang CC

Arabic Calligraphy Course : Nasakh Script Basic Alphabet

19 May – 09 June. 2013. Sundays : 4 sessions. 10am – 12pm.

8 Pending Road. Singapore.


We are grateful to have completed a set of basic training sessions on calligraphy for Nasakh Basic Alphabet. Thank you to Mr Nor Azlan of Bukit Panjang Community Centre for catering this course to a small group of participants, which include a Chinese gentleman. Fruitful sessions with lots of exchange of interests never fail to fill up the class. This time, we have a lady guest from School of Science and Technology (SST) who is kind to drop by to do some video documentation for her student’s project.

Thank you all participants. Let’s hope we meet again for advance sessions!


Coming Up!

Sep 2013:

We are tying up with some community centres over the island for the same course as above. Do keep a look out for us at! Or do give a call to your nearby CC, so if the amount of request is good the CC will contact us to conduct calligraphy courses at your nearest CC. So your kind support is important us!

Oct 2013:

We will be conducting a special single session with Asian Civilisation Museum. This is a close invite, so if you’re member of Friends of the Museum (FOM), this could be one of the most exciting calligraphy session not to be missed!

Thank you for your interest and support with us. Let’s build a beautiful world of alphabets together!




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