Come and Join Us for Khat in Sembawang – October 2013!


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Hello hello! Arabic calligraphy courses coming up! For those who would like to learn how the culture and training of Khat begins, now this is a real good chance. And for those who are attempting a little depth of seriousness, this is definitely the way to follow!

Welcome to the Nasakh Basic Course. Participants will learn the alphabetic fundamentals of the Classical Nasakh Script, which is one of the important foundations to the other grand classical family scripts. This course comprises important disciplines in the art of crafting letterforms and being a classical calligraphy practitioner.

This course is really hard to come by, so do keep and share these details:


Course Title: Arabic Calligraphy – Nasakh Basic Course

Dates: 12, 19, 26 Oct and 09 Nov – 2013, (4 Saturdays)

Time: 10.30 am – 12.30 pm (2hrs x 4 Sessions)

Venue: Sembawang Community Centre: 2125 Sembawang Road Singapore 758528

Age/Levels: 15 years and above, all levels. No Arabic knowledge required. Non-Muslims are welcomed.

No of participants/seats: 10-20 pax.

Language: English

Materials: Will be provided. Material fees included.

Fees: SGD$100.00




For those who have completed the Nasakh Basic Course, this is a basic requirement for you to be eligible to sign up to join our Sembawang Khat Group. This is a new interest group where members and calligraphy practitioners can come to practice, learn and share the culture and art of calligraphy which includes plenty of special lessons like histories, crafts, scriptures and many more. For this special sign up, you may come to practice khat at Sembawang CC for NO CHARGES at any time the club is open. However members are responsible for their own expense of materials. So if we have a good amount of support, Sembawang Community Centre will be there to support us with many avenues of exciting opportunities!


For those who have completed the Nasakh Basic Course, you may like to consider extending your skills by taking up the Nasakh Intermediate Course. This course is not open yet as it requires a basic grasp of the basic letterform skills, and it requires a commitment of 8 sessions to complete the course. Thence this course will only be opened based on demand. However, the crafty skills and beauty in art of letterings only begins here! For the others: basic ability to write Nasakh alphabet is required.


For contacts and enquiry:

Matters regarding basic course at Sembawang CC look for:  Mr Muhammad Bin Ahmad of Sembawang CC, call 6758 4183

Matters regarding Nasakh Intermediate Course, email:



This programmes are organised and supported by People’s Association and brought to you by Faddho. 2013.

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