The Dot Expands

The Perfect Dot expands into lines and contract within lines. How is that? Well, the movement of a pen’s nib maneuvers with micro repetitions of ink marks to form a visual character or symbol which is what we read it as a letter. 


And so, our registration date extends! Join us this November!

Yes, Sembawang Community Centre has extended its registration date for the Nasakh Basic Course. And we are trying our best to extend this opportunity as much can be.

Participants will learn the Arabic alphabetic fundamentals of the Classical Nasakh Script, which is one of the important foundations to the other grand classical family scripts. This course comprises important disciplines in the art of crafting letterforms and being a classical calligraphy practitioner. For those who would like to learn how the culture and training of Khat begins, now this is a real good chance. And for those who are attempting a little depth of seriousness, this is definitely the way to follow!

Starting in 9th November, join us in this course which is really hard to come by, and do keep and share these details:

Course Title: Arabic Calligraphy – Nasakh Basic Course

Dates: 9, 16, 23 and 30 Nov – 2013, (4 Saturdays)

Time: 10.30 am – 12.30 pm (2hrs x 4 Sessions)

Venue: Sembawang Community Centre. 2125 Sembawang Road Singapore 758528

Age/Levels: 15 years and above, all levels. No Arabic knowledge required. Non-Muslims are welcomed.

No of participants/seats: 10-20 pax.

Language: English

Materials: Will be provided. Material fees included.

Fees: SGD$100.00 (M)   SGD$110.00 (NM)

For registration and more information, check out or For direct enquiry, please call Sembawang CC @ 67584183.


For those who have completed the Nasakh Basic Course, you’ll be eligible to join our Sembawang Khat Group. This is a new interest group where members and calligraphy practitioners can come together to practice, learn and share the culture and art of Arabic calligraphy! Here, we’ll learn plenty of special lessons like histories, crafts, scriptures and many more. For this special sign up, you may come to practice calligraphy at Sembawang CC for NO CHARGES at all!


Looking out for just a short try? Join us as a family!

Fuchun Community Centre is extending this short 2-hour course to everyone. Explore Arabic-Jawi, the exotic hybrid script of Southeast Asia, where you’ll get to practice with the classic bamboo pen!

Come in as a pair of a parent and a child, for this special introductory session:

Workshop Title: Learning Arabic-Jawi Calligraphy as a Family!

Date: 26th October 2013, Saturday

Time: 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm (2hr Single Session)

Venue: Fuchun Community Centre: 1 Woodlands Street 31 Singapore 738581

Participants: One parent + one child (One Pair)

Materials: Worksheets and tools will be provided

Fees: SGD$30.00 (M)   SGD$40.00 (NM)

For registration and more information, check out or For direct enquiry, please call Fuchun CC @ 63656911.


We hope to see you there soon!

This programmes are organised and supported by People’s Association and brought to you by Faddho. 2013.

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