Join us on Bitesize @ Esplanade for Khat – April 2014!

We’ll bring you 1400 years of alphabetic flavours in the classical world of Arabic Calligraphy. Welcome to the world of Khat. 


It begins with profound values of humanity revealed through sacred messages. Unlocked with intelligence to decipher the lines of creations through births of alphabets. Nourishing the human senses with spirituality from ancient functions to modern visual designs. The crafts that developed civilisations in the human mind.

Join us! In Bitesize at Esplanade, for Khat. A journey to the world of Arabic Calligraphy.

Workshop Title: A Brief Introduction to Khat

Date: 13 April 2014, Sunday

Time: 2 pm – 4 pm (2hrs single session)

Venue: Esplanade Rehearsal Studio. The Esplanade Co Ltd, 1 Esplanade Drive. Singapore 038981

Up to 50 pax. No Arabic knowledge required. Non-Muslims are welcomed. Will be conducted in English with materials provided.

Fees: SGD$15 Available at Sistic.

More information and tickets, please click the following  links:



This programmes are organised and supported by Esplanade, Bitesize and brought to you by Faddho. 2014.

2 thoughts on “Join us on Bitesize @ Esplanade for Khat – April 2014!

  1. Your introduction to Khat was SUPERB! I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Will you be having more workshops in the future?

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