Hello! We are at ACAC.

ACAC 2015.

Verily, within the crafts of our hands, we seek to understand our true self.

Hello everyone! We are proud to tell you that we are operating at ACAC! And what is ACAC?

Faddho has been working hand-in-hand with As-Souq Arabic Academy for a while now, which we have collaborated together in variety of courses and programmes. Apart from looking into the world of language, upholding and preserving the arts and culture of the Arabic world has taken into our concerns. And so, we decided to form and launch the ACAC, knownly as As-Souq Calligraphy and Arts Circle.

ACAC is a special club formed to provide space for practising of Arabic calligraphy and arts. This club would love to invite all calligraphy students of As-Souq to join this space where one can practice Arabic calligraphy and arts with the assistance of our facilitators. We also would like to extend our welcome to any Arabic art enthusiasts and practitioners, or even those who are totally new to As-Souq and our programmes. All are welcome to join!

What do you do at ACAC?

ACAC is opened every Saturday from 2-6pm. At a span of 4 hours, members of ACAC can come at their own time and schedule within the duration. Our facilitators will be around to provide non-regulated art assignments, practices, guidances and sharing sessions. Apart from this, you can choose to practise your own calligraphy craft and art, exchange experiences with friends, or use this time and space to explore and develop your artistic crafts and skills, at your own pace and comfort. It’s studio hours every Saturday!

ACAC does not provide any materials for its members. Exercises may be provided upon facilitators’ discretion. Please bring your own art and craft equipment, tools and materials for your own practice. Decide your own work, it’s all free an easy.

What you must avoid at ACAC?

Aligned with the vision of As-Souq Arabic Academy, at ACAC we are determined to uphold the world of Arabic calligraphy, arts and culture. We wish to maintain all our artistic practices and values to evolve around the Arabic world. Therefore we truly appreciate if all our club members will give their full cooperation and contribution to enjoy the vision together.

While this circle may contain certain degrees of maturity and profound materials, we discourage accompanying of children below 15 for parents who are attending our club. As this club is intended for adult individuals, we truly appreciate a homely and respectful share of space with one another.

What are the terms for joining at ACAC?

  • All calligraphy students of As-Souq Arabic Academy are encouraged
  • All art enthusiasts and practitioners of Arabic calligraphy and visual arts
  • Individuals 16 years and above, regardless of race and religion
  • Self-equipped with art materials and craft practices
  • All Saturdays opened @ 2-6pm
  • Fees of SGD50.00 per month (Non-refundable)

ACAC is conducted at As-Souq Arabic Academy.


For further information, contact and registration:

As-Souq Arabic Academy

Bright Centre

Lorong L, Telok Kurau Road
#03-69 Singapore 425500
Tel: 6744 4514
Hp: 8284 4110



All information is correct as of October 2015. Content are subject to changes by Faddho, ACAC or AAA.

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