Khat Workshop @ American Women’s Association [2017 MAY 17]

Khat Workshop @ American Women’s Association

Arabic Calligraphy Workshop

2017 May 17: Wednesday. 10 am. Arts & Culture, American Women’s Association. 10 Claymore Hill. Singapore.

Every workshop is different. The audience, the age groups, the backgrounds, the exposures, and the venue, the space, even the equipment, the settings, the building, the walls, the air, the colours, the tone, the language, all together, will form an identity of its own. The organiser usually plays a very important role in this. They are pretty much the primary determinant of the whole workshop. It makes the facilitator looks good or bad. And at times, the facilitator can also be the determinant to make a workshop looks good or bad. Every workshop has its own characters. And even having the same of everything twice, it will never be the same.

We are truly honoured for the invite to conduct a very cosy workshop at American Women’s Association. For less than 20 participants, it is ideally the pace and space that we are very comfortable with. And this time round we had a very brief historical session and used videos to capture their senses into the insights of khat. As you can see in the photos: demonstrations, practises, pens, inks and papers, and biscuits, cakes and coffees, all just go along on one long table together. The visual and sound aids are excellent, and it feels very much like having a joyous family activity.

Thank you Pritika Sharma and Maria Moran. The audience is truly wonderful, and we’ll be delighted to serve you again.



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