Hello Digital Wallpapers! Volume 2: R for Rakim.

Good day everyone! Here we are again sharing goodies with you. And yes, it’s all free.


This time we are featuring digital wallpapers design: R for Rakim Gizlipa Series. It is a tribute to Ottoman Master Calligrapher Mustafa Rakim (1758-1826) from us. Inspired by the craftsmanship of Mustafa Râkım, original letterings are taken after his original mufradat (basic letterings) manual. So in these wallpapers, we feature the Arabic Thuluth letter: Raw’ which is equivalent of letter R in Roman/Latin.

The letter Raw’ or R, which is the initial letter for Rakim has 3 different appearances. It is digitally vector-traced and composed into series of graphic wallpapers. These letters are arranged in a specific manner to induce the calligraphic qualities of the original letterings, repeated in specific orientations and harmonised with colour combinations that reflects quiet, clean-space appeal when it’s being used as digital wallpaper across all devices. Certain graphic features are in form of a logomark or emblems which all made up of just the same letterings. Through this, we focussed on cleaner visual backdrops for a comfortable digital work space on the eyes when used on devices like phones, tablets and computer screens. So have a try, download them and feel it on your device screens!

There’s a total of 24 pieces of wallpaper designs, which accommodates UHD 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. These works are basically the author’s practise on graphic arts as well as an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of the elements of classical Arabic/Islamic calligraphy through digital intervention. We hope through these, calligraphy enthusiasts may be exposed to essences of classical calligraphy by past masters with deeper appreciation.

To learn about who is Mustafa Rakim please click this link!

And to view our graphic art series, click here: R for Rakim – Calligraphic Art Series 2019.

And to get your free wallpapers, click here: R for Rakim – Gizlipa Series: Wallpaper Designs. Or click the image below. Don’t forget to follow the instructions!

R for Rakim Gizlipa Series

Just our little duty to share, at no cost at all. Free for all. Free for share.

Hope you enjoy these and have a lovely day.

– Faddho

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