Looking into the world of your mind, through writing.



For those who dreaded the word “write” or even the thought of it, this may not be a suitable read for you. However if you were wondering what is there to talk about writing, I would encourage everyone and anyone to read this article, or at least try reading. Hopefully it may benefit you in some ways.

This article is not a guide on how to be a professional writer, not about styles and art of writing, not even any tips on good writing skills, and far from guiding you how to produce articles, stories, journals, novels and so on. Neither it is a guide that in any way can help you earn a living, nor by any means, tips on any particular perception of “proper writing”. However, what I’m trying to share is just some observation on the act of writing, which is an attempt to understand the relationship between you and the “act of writing”. It is where the view of writing is solely upon you, for yourself and about yourself. Most importantly, an understanding of yourself.

While some people may have difficulties in verbal expression, they are able to express their thoughts well through writing. Like otherwise, some may have good verbal communication skills but goes very bad on writing.

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Read, an Art of Exploring Your Senses.



I looked up in the dictionary, and found a lot of definition that defines the term “read”. Then also, different scholars have different definitions, interpretations, or semantics of the term or word “read”. In general, the ability to read, is the ability to understand and receive a message transmitted from a written text or script. But if reading is to be perceived as an action performed by human’s senses, do animals read too? I believe so. Even plants too.

My point here is not trying to redefine the word “read” as what as it already has by human’s intelligence. However, I’m trying to create an understanding for myself on how this act of reading works with the senses given to us and how it reacts with nature.

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Qalam Crafting

The “qalam” is generally an Arabic term for “pen”, a common domestic writing instrument. However, it is notably recognised as a calligraphy pen used in “khat” another Arabic term for calligraphy, an Arabic art of beautiful writing.

To craft a reed or bamboo into a pen is generally not much of a difficulty. A sturdy, hard and straight wooden stick is good to begin with, along with a very sharp knife (the sharper the better), which is (critically) the pen’s best friend. This is considered as a form of traditional art of crafting a pen.

However, fine-tuning or detail operations in crafting of the pen for certain aesthetic and functional levels may require a good amount of time to train the eyes, hand-skills and the ability to feel the fibres of the material in order to understand how and what can it work for. This may take a good amount of 3 years, of regular carving experiments and training on different materials.

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Hello! We are at ACAC.

ACAC 2015.

Verily, within the crafts of our hands, we seek to understand our true self.

Hello everyone! We are proud to tell you that we are operating at ACAC! And what is ACAC?

Faddho has been working hand-in-hand with As-Souq Arabic Academy for a while now, which we have collaborated together in variety of courses and programmes. Apart from looking into the world of language, upholding and preserving the arts and culture of the Arabic world has taken into our concerns. And so, we decided to form and launch the ACAC, knownly as As-Souq Calligraphy and Arts Circle.

ACAC is a special club formed to provide space for practising of Arabic calligraphy and arts. This club would love to invite all calligraphy students of As-Souq to join this space where one can practice Arabic calligraphy and arts with the assistance of our facilitators. We also would like to extend our welcome to any Arabic art enthusiasts and practitioners, or even those who are totally new to As-Souq and our programmes. All are welcome to join!

What do you do at ACAC?

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Hello Wallpapers



We are taking our art and crafts into the world of pixels. This is not anything new from our years of work and experiments, but is just that this time we love to share it with everyone out there. We fuse 3 things: tradition, contemporary and digitisation, and redefine details to a whole different level. So here we have, our very own art of digital wallpapers. And its ready for you.

Just our little duty to share, at no cost at all. Free for all. Free for share. Click here!

Have a lovely day.

– Faddho.


Confess all that you have
All the truths in your heart
Release them all and let your heart be free
Let your heart be broken into pieces by all those truths
Let your heart be shattered into pieces into pieces
And let those pieces float in whichever way they choose to be

Feel the emptiness that reigns upon you
Gather all the emptiness you can find
All the emptiness that you’ve never known of
Gather all the energy from those emptiness
Feel the glorified energy of emptiness
Use them and breathe in them

Cling on to those emptiness
Grip on tight and pull yourself up
Find those shattered pieces of your heart
Seek them to all edges of the universe
Pick them up and read them and feel them
For they are waiting to return to you
For they return with truths that you would never think of

Embrace them…
Gather them and build up your heart
Build up your heart with all those energy of emptiness
Strengthen your heart with all the force of emptiness
Build up your heart back
Build back into one heart

And there…
There is only one heart that you only need to live with
There is only one heart for you to hold on to
There is only one heart for you to breathe within

And live…
Live your heart in the truth of emptiness
Walk on this earth with that truth
Walk on with your heart to find more truths
Find the truth in all the truths that your heart could find
Embrace them with all the energy that your heart could confess

Be shattered again
And build up your heart again
Confess and be shattered again
Wake up and continue to walk again.






Tune your focus. Witness the beauty.

Join us in our Arabic Calligraphy Basic Course!


We are running it again for the coming January 2015 for enriching weekend sessions!

Participants will learn the alphabetic fundamentals of the Classical Nasakh Script, which is one of the important foundations to the other grand classical family scripts.

This workshop aims to introduce participants to the fundamentals and basics of Arabic calligraphy. Participants will learn how to write the basics of Nasakh script, which is the fundamental to all other forms of cursive Arabic scripts. Nasakh is one of the prime classical master-script, and also the foundation for 6 classical master pens. For about 300 years, the majestic Kufi script has been dominating the transcription of the Holy Quran, as the official Mushaf script. Thence, Nasakh script took over and its styles has been the dominating script to this date.

Nasakh, which means: transcribing, evolved in Baghdad, which was the early capital of Islam and centre of Arab. The foundation of Nasakh script can be traced back to as early as 750 AD or even earlier. In the 10th-11th century AD, master calligraphers perfected this Nasakh script and it grew to become official script till today. In this modern day, the fundamentals of Arabic calligraphy, and advance typography still refers to Nasakh script as a standard guide to develop the Arabic alphabet writing/typing system.

Apart from understanding the art and culture of Arabic calligraphy, this experience will not only allow a person to express themselves beautifully through writing, but also in various aspects of discipline, therapeutic thinking and understanding, exploration and discovery of oneself, and many other forms of personal development. At the end of the workshop, this programme aims to get participants to understand and appreciate Arabic calligraphy not only in various perspectives and depths, but importantly going through the door to the beauty of Arabic and Islamic arts in its most authentic way.

For direct contact, you can look for Ms Nuriah @ tel 6365-6911. Please keep and share the following details!


Course Title: Arabic Calligraphy – Nasakh Basic Course

Dates: 17, 24, 31 Jan and 07 Feb – 2015, (4 Saturdays)
Time: 10.30 am – 12.30 pm (2hrs x 4 Sessions)
Venue: Fuchun Community Club. 1 Woodlands Street 31, Singapore 738581.

Age/Levels: 15 years and above, all levels. No Arabic knowledge required. Non-Muslims are welcomed!
Language: English
Materials: Will be provided. Material fees included.

Fees: SGD$100.00 (M) SGD$110.00 (NM)



This programmes are organised and supported by People’s Association and brought to you by Faddho. 2015.

For more info:

Faizal Somadi’s Facebook Stories 2010-2013

Hello hello. Its been a very long time since I post some stories in early 2013. Yes, now is late 2014. So for those who love taking time to read, this is a post that will be full and full of words.

Hope and hopes. Wish and wishes. Pray and prayers. I hope to share more stories again. After a period of pause, I dug out some things of the past, which basically shows a good reflection on my past then. I do have my handwritten journals, so Facebook was part of it then, and yes, I wrote words of my mind in my personal Facebook until, I shut it down to concentrate on a Facebook Page for sharing my crafts more than sharing myself. I believe photos of actions speak louder of myself than my own texts. However, having love for scripts, writing is indeed a very intellectual yet a deceptive way of learning about oneself. Yes, admitting guilty, the inspirations, ideas and exposures that I wrote about, I’m still working on 70% of it to improve myself. Nevertheless, I’ll keep on writing to remind myself.

Welcome to Faizal Somadi’s Facebook Stories.

Firstly, thank you Facebook for compiling and archiving all the things that I’ve posted in the past. All the texts and stories posted are full of rediscoveries of my very own self. I have trimmed very selectively. They are all excerpts of the mind and heart, full of various degrees of thoughts, emotions, encounters, exposures, feelings, biased notions, challenges, questions, undefined answers, and of course, some quotes from others, my own stupid or idiotic reflections, facing cute moments and also, indulgence in dipping oneself into split-seconds of ecstasies. There are some things that are religious or cultural in thoughts, and there are languages which, being written as it is to be remained best in its language, if I don’t get to translate it here. Sorry about that. And yes, there spelling and grammar mistakes too. Some times they sounded nice with those natural silly errors. Sorry about that too. Continue reading “Faizal Somadi’s Facebook Stories 2010-2013”

Messages from home.

Home. The first place you begin with.

We may have forgotten. Our mother’s womb was the first home on earth to receive all the messages. We may have forgotten. We grew mighty with the pen that carves out civilisations. We may have forgotten. What duties have we forsaken before returning home upon our expiry dates.

Dear friends and all.

Faddho is proud to conduct our Arabic calligraphy courses at As-Souq Arabic language centre!

Participants will learn the alphabetic fundamentals of the Classical Arabic Nasakh Script, which is one of the important foundations to the other grand classical family scripts. This course comprises important disciplines in the art of crafting letterforms and being a classical calligraphy practitioner.

This course is hard to come by, so do keep and share these details:

Course Title: Arabic Calligraphy – Nasakh Basic Course

Age/Levels: 15 years and above, all levels. No Arabic knowledge required. Non-Muslims are welcomed.
No of participants/seats: 10-25 pax.
Language: English

Course Fees: $120 (including materials fee and registration)

Public Promotion: 10% off early bird discount (before 1st Nov 2014)
+ extra 10% off if you bring a friend
Students Promotion: 20% off


VENUE : As-Souq @ Bright Centre

Dates: 15/16 November 2014, Sat/Sun

Time: 10.30 am – 12.30 pm (2hrs x 4 Weekly Sessions)

Address: Bright Centre, Lorong L, Telok Kurau Road, #03-69, Singapore 425500

Contact: email info@as-souq.com | sms 82844110



This programmes are organised and supported by As-Souq and brought to you by Faddho. 2014.

Ask, Receive and Share.

Face your hands to face your heart.

NOTICE: Nasakh Basic Course postponed to a week after Eidul Adha – 11/12 October 2014.

Dear friends and all.

In the midst of our busy schedule, we have overlooked the dates of our courses. Since Eidul Adha/Hari Raya Haji falls on Sunday 5th October, we have made arrangements with our organisers to postpone the starting date to the following week: 11th/12th of October (Sat/Sun). Our venues and details remain the same.

We apologise for overlooking these dates way months before, and regretted for any inconveniences might have caused. Please refer to the new updated schedules below, thank you for your kind support and we hope you’ll share these details with friends and people around.

To all Muslims, an early wish of Happy Eidul Adha. Selamat Hari Raya Haji, Eid Mubarak!

Course Title: Arabic Calligraphy – Nasakh Basic Course

Age/Levels: 15 years and above, all levels. No Arabic knowledge required. Non-Muslims are welcomed.
No of participants/seats: 10-25 pax.
Language: English

Materials: Will be provided. Material fees included.
Fees: SGD$100.00 (M) SGD$110.00 (NM)


VENUE 1: Sembawang CC

Dates: 11, 18, 25 Oct and 01 Nov – 2014, (4 Saturdays)
Time: 10.30 am – 12.30 pm (2hrs x 4 Sessions)
Venue: Sembawang Community Centre: 2125 Sembawang Road Singapore 758528. Tel: 6758 4183



VENUE 2: Fuchun CC

Dates: 12, 19, 26 Oct and 02 Nov – 2014, (4 Sundays)
Time: 10.30 am – 12.30 pm (2hrs x 4 Sessions)
Venue: Fuchun Community Club: 1 Woodlands Street 31, Singapore 738581. Tel: 6365 6911



This programmes are organised and supported by People’s Association and brought to you by Faddho. 2014.