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Khat @ PAssion Arts Night with Sembawang GRC [2013 Apr 27]

“Faddho’s Chalk and Ink Fiesta”   PAssion Arts Month with Sembawang GRC Journey Towards Richness of Arts & Culture: Arabic Calligraphy Showcase 27 April 2013. Saturday. 7-9.30pm. Mega Sports Park @ Woodlands Drive 70. Singapore.   Headed by Woodlands CACC, this roadshow event highlight traditional arts and musical showcase on 6 different cultures: Malay, Philippines, […]

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Chalk and Ink @ Esplanade [2013 Apr 20-21]

“Faddho’s Chalk and Ink Fiesta”   Esplanade’s Tapestry of Sacred Music Arabic Calligraphy Workshop  20 – 21 April 2013. Saturday/Sunday. 4-9pm. Esplanade, The Concourse. Singapore.   Waiting for Friday to end, I was looking forward to my very own play-space in the world of alphabets. This is the second time I’m running a public workshop […]

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Read, an Art of Exploring Your Senses.

Read. I looked up in the dictionary, and found a lot of definition that defines the term “read”. Then also, different scholars have different definitions, interpretations, or semantics of the term or word “read”. In general, the ability to read, is the ability to understand and receive a message transmitted from a written text or […]

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Gallantly they are,
Morph into their pride;
The leap keep them spinning,
In their own dilated pupils;
Walking through their own endless stairs,
Along their own walls they have build;
To see themselves,
The Mirror of God.

The face to face the face,
The forms to form the forms,
Expanded and warped and distorted;
Within those reflections they see not,
Where they desire to see the others,
As they wish to see the world of fools.

But a little they think not,
And a little they realise not;
They see to see what they wish to see,
Through the pupils of the fools.



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Madame Cheloreng

For over good 15 years, this land of my father was a mere nothing but a well-mixed of Asian fruit farm. Durian, banana, jackfruit, chempedak, tapioca, always an abundance especially during the seasons of the fruits. Additionally, mango, mangosteen, guava, rambutan, sweet potatoes and some tiny plots of turmeric, ginger, lemongrass scattered around here and […]

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Pity them for what they want,
Pity them for what they know not,
Pity earth for all they want.
The bleeding heat is tearing the sun apart,
While the moon slowly dissolves in the wrinkles of the clouds;
And the earth has been deeply coated with their toxicated desires,
Oh then nature still give grace.
Hidden in their calamities of intelligence,
But yet they think not,
But yet they knew not,
And they crawl quicker than the hurricane.
I see them still racing in the rain.


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Mango Sorbet and Coke

How many times have you came across when those were the only times where you can say: I feel good? Oh yes, too many notions of good. Triumph, victory, success, bliss, love, joy, and also… desires, greed, revenge, lust… and many more in between the scale of righteousness and to the edge diabolical. But not […]

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Me blog? Or simply “goblog”?

What do I write here? Ok: this is my first blogging post. Blog. So what is a blog? This is new to me yet not new. Well I found out that the term “blog” is a linguistic blend of two words. Another sophisticated term for this is also known as a portmanteau word. Whereby two […]

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