Little Words of Craft

We have taken into the beliefs of believing in oneself for what one is created for. For what every form of life, every form of idea, entity and existence is created for. Our journey is full of many beginnings, as everything that ends and everything that expires will create new births. It is a belief of a journey full of journeys.

Faddho embraces the way of the pen. The path to unlock messages of any existence, any creations between human, nature and spirituality. The essence of creativity lies in the essence of the creator. The pen is a simple tool to illustrate messages. To receive, to transmit, to record and to develop it into action, is conditioned to one’s delivery of creativity. Thence the perception of things is subjected to many million journeys of intelligence. When the pen marries the ink and paper together, such is an instance of having nothing turning into something. Be it a blotch or swash, a drawing or a message, it has defined the power of creation. It is a form of craft that speaks the mind.

Our practices of arts and design began in 1998. Started a small beginning in crafting visual designs, our journey began in corporate designs and prints, and we grew to specialise in graphic design consultancy services. We developed further our specialty in calligraphy, reviving the traditional and classical practices, fusing the traditional and the digital world, and we expanded into performances, exhibitions, workshops and many forms of educational outreach. To date, our practises involve design, prints, graphic arts, classical arts (calligraphy and illustration), random crafts of creativity, and educational works and activities. To us, these are crafts of knowledge, where messages in whatever form they may be, are created to be imprinted in the mind. These are crafts to share and speak to the others. Not so much about what we have and what we can do, but importantly its about what we are born to do, and where our duties and responsibilities are due.

At Faddho, the craft of the mind is about how a message is being delivered. Importantly, to understand our very own intentions, before we chart out our directions. How problems are being solved. How to learn about ourselves. How genuine we are.

Faddho believes in the bond of creativity and spirituality. Just like ink and paper. How the pen moves will determine the flow of the future. The way of the pen, is the path where the ink will flow. And in each moment of every flow, there is where crafts of ingenuity will follow.


– Faddho



Copyright © Faddho. All rights reserved. All creatives and information featured in this media are preserved and protected under copyright act. Faddho reserves the rights to dictate this usage in whatever perimeters it deems fit. Therefore it is punishable by law to use, copy, draw, disseminate or to recreate it in whichever possible.

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