Little Words of Craft

We have taken into the beliefs of believing in oneself for what one is created for. Every form of life, every form of idea, entity and existence, has reasons to every beginning that will end, as well as creating new births. Every journey is full of deeper journeys.

Faddho embraces the way of the pen, a path unveiling essences of connections, between existences and creations, between human, nature and spirituality. A simple instrument that receive, transmit and record moments of lives, where the touch of ink and paper, will spark genesis in defining power of creation. It is a craft that enliven the mind.

Started a small beginning in 1998 our arts and design practices began with corporate designs and prints. From design consultancy services, we developed further our specialty in calligraphy, reviving the traditional and classical practices, fusions with digital media, and we expanded into performances, exhibitions, workshops and various forms of educational outreach. To date, our practices involve design, prints, graphic arts, illustrations, calligraphy, various crafts of arts and creativity. To us, these crafts are knowledge of ingenious values, which we believe in sharing.

At Faddho, the craft of the mind is about how a message is being delivered. To understand our very own intentions, is a critical measure in charting out our directions. How problems are being solved, how much we learn about things, and how genuine we are. We believe that the bond of ink and paper is just like the bond of creativity and spirituality. The way the pen move will determine the flow of the ink. And the flow of the ink will determine our destination.

– Faddho


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