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130129 – Mango Sorbet and Coke

130206 – Rendering the Tradition

130216 – Read, an Art of Exploring Your Senses

130524 – Khat @ PAssion Arts Night with Sembawang GRC [2013 Apr 27]

131013 – Khat with Docents of FOM @ ACM [2013 Oct 05]

131225 – Little Lessons in Kuala Lumpur


140528 – Introduction to Khat @ Esplanade: Bitesize [2014 Apr 13]

140909 – Khat Sharing Session with ADM Students of NTU [2014 Aug 19]

141124 – FaizalSomadi’s Facebook Stories 2010-2013


151115 – Qalam Crafting

151124 – Looking into The World of Your Mind, through Writing.


160330 – The Practise of Khat

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