Welcome to Faddho Wallpapers.

The art of our craft begins with tiny silent divine words whispered into the air from the realm of nowhere, going to nowhere. Confined in a space of honesty and sincerity, our craft move together with our tools, hopping along the trails of spirituality and mysticism. Hoping to find surprising enlightenments in between the conversations among the particles of our crafts. Hopping and hoping. Keep on hop and hope.

We call these Sparkles of Enlightenment.

The craft continues. Our practices keep moving on where excellence and failure are the parents to the fruits of our labour. It is an honour to uphold the roots and fundamentals of traditional crafts. And it is a respect to welcome the tools of this modern era.

The crafts of our very own hands, where essences of strokes of carbon, ink and pigments, crafted onto paper, canvas and parchments, dried and analysed through the breathing rays of our eyes, cultivated by the seeds of sincerity. We capture them selectively, using photography and scanning instruments, regenerate them into the world of pixels, and magnify the physical essences of truths, truths that are borne by our bare hands and its conversation with elements of mother nature. We then harmonise these crafts into various arrangements and compositions, and redress them with various dimensional cloaks of colours, redefining details in different dimensions of light.

We present you Faddho Wallpapers. Where the art of our crafts regenerated into digital forms.

Our little duty to share, at no cost at all. Free for all. Free for share.

All Faddho Wallpapers are designed to the screen size of 2560 x 1920 pixels. For optimum results, use it as it is and fit it to your device screen. It is not recommended to stretch or condense.

1 – RIGHT CLICK. Open image in new tab/window.



Copyright © Faddho. All rights reserved. All creatives and information featured in this media are preserved and protected under copyright act. Faddho reserves the rights to dictate this usage in whatever perimeters it deems fit.

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