Looking into the world of your mind, through writing.



For those who dreaded the word “write” or even the thought of it, this may not be a suitable read for you. However if you were wondering what is there to talk about writing, I would encourage everyone and anyone to read this article, or at least try reading. Hopefully it may benefit you in some ways.

This article is not a guide on how to be a professional writer, not about styles and art of writing, not even any tips on good writing skills, and far from guiding you how to produce articles, stories, journals, novels and so on. Neither it is a guide that in any way can help you earn a living, nor by any means, tips on any particular perception of “proper writing”. However, what I’m trying to share is just some observation on the act of writing, which is an attempt to understand the relationship between you and the “act of writing”. It is where the view of writing is solely upon you, for yourself and about yourself. Most importantly, an understanding of yourself.

While some people may have difficulties in verbal expression, they are able to express their thoughts well through writing. Like otherwise, some may have good verbal communication skills but goes very bad on writing.

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Read, an Art of Exploring Your Senses.


I looked up in the dictionary, and found a lot of definition that defines the term “read”. Then also, different scholars have different definitions, interpretations, or semantics of the term or word “read”. In general, the ability to read, is the ability to understand and receive a message transmitted from a written text or script. But if reading is to be perceived as an action performed by human senses, do animals read too? I believe so. Even plants too.

My point here is not trying to redefine the word “read” as what as it already has by human intelligence. However, I’m trying to create an understanding for myself on how this act of reading works with the senses given to us and how it reacts with nature. Continue reading “Read, an Art of Exploring Your Senses.”