R for Râkım

A Little History of an Ottoman Master Calligrapher

Mustafa Râkım (1171/1758 – 1241/1826) being one of the most eminent calligraphers of his time played a critical role in the history of Turkish calligraphy. His works are greatly admired by calligraphers and connoisseurs of the art. He was especially well known for perfecting magnified scripts known as celi (jali: large), in sülüs and ta’lik (ta’liq) scripts.

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Salam Maal Hijrah 1439!

BRR. Salam Maal Hijrah 1439! To all Muslims around the world, we would like to wish you a blissful New Islamic Year! Let us all move into a new beginning, learn and reflect our past, pave a new space for a beautiful life ahead. Let’s work hard, clean our beliefs, stay strong and righteous to […]

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