Rendering The Tradition


This article “Rendering The Tradition” was first featured in: Asian Geographic magazine, Cultures of Islam Edition. No. 81 Issue 4/2011. Pg 86.

Article written by: Faizal Somadi. • Featured calligraphy masthead design on cover by: Faizal Somadi • Photography by: Jon Ramlan/Hairol Mahsus

When the Holy Quran commands: “Read!”, I recalled the teachings of my late grandfather who taught me about the evolution of scripts through religion, culture and civilization which reflects the importance of communication in delivering knowledge to mankind. From cavemen’s illustrations on the mountain walls, to scripts written on parchments and to the world of pixels that take forms of the digital language. It is a wonder how these systems of communication evolved from the practicality of it to the fine artistry in it.

Doodling, scribbling and drawing are my natural habits as young as two years old. At eight, I adopted my grandfather’s habits of writing a dairy, admiring his handwritings even until he passed away. It was fortunate to receive my first calligraphy lesson when I was only ten in the elementary school. By eleven, apart from drawing, copying school textbooks was my simple hobby. The joy of writing bloomed further as I excel in calligraphy through which I created some monumental pieces for my high school. Despite being comfortable with it, I never want to use it for my art examination subject. Ever since then, it has become a hobby and a habit.

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Faizal Somadi’s Facebook Stories 2010-2013

Hello hello. Its been a very long time since I post some stories in early 2013. Yes, now is late 2014. So for those who love taking time to read, this is a post that will be full and full of words.

Hope and hopes. Wish and wishes. Pray and prayers. I hope to share more stories again. After a period of pause, I dug out some things of the past, which basically shows a good reflection on my past then. I do have my handwritten journals, so Facebook was part of it then, and yes, I wrote words of my mind in my personal Facebook until, I shut it down to concentrate on a Facebook Page for sharing my crafts more than sharing myself. I believe photos of actions speak louder of myself than my own texts. However, having love for scripts, writing is indeed a very intellectual yet a deceptive way of learning about oneself. Yes, admitting guilty, the inspirations, ideas and exposures that I wrote about, I’m still working on 70% of it to improve myself. Nevertheless, I’ll keep on writing to remind myself.

Welcome to Faizal Somadi’s Facebook Stories.

Firstly, thank you Facebook for compiling and archiving all the things that I’ve posted in the past. All the texts and stories posted are full of rediscoveries of my very own self. I have trimmed very selectively. They are all excerpts of the mind and heart, full of various degrees of thoughts, emotions, encounters, exposures, feelings, biased notions, challenges, questions, undefined answers, and of course, some quotes from others, my own stupid or idiotic reflections, facing cute moments and also, indulgence in dipping oneself into split-seconds of ecstasies. There are some things that are religious or cultural in thoughts, and there are languages which, being written as it is to be remained best in its language, if I don’t get to translate it here. Sorry about that. And yes, there spelling and grammar mistakes too. Some times they sounded nice with those natural silly errors. Sorry about that too. Continue reading “Faizal Somadi’s Facebook Stories 2010-2013”