Graphic Arts

illustrations • illuminations • visions • ideas • philosophies



Season 03 : 2018. Copyright © Faddho. All rights reserved.

Faddho Geometric Illuminations. 2018.




Season 02 : 2017. Copyright © Faddho. All rights reserved.

Oktoveroldus-Koriolis Series. 2017.

Oktoveroldus-Solus Series. 2017.

Oktoveroldus-Acenda Series. 2017.

DQSMKS Illumination Graphics. Nusantagon & Nujuma. 2017.




Season 01 : 2006 – 2015. Copyright © Faddho. All rights reserved.

Copyright © Faddho. All rights reserved. All creatives and information featured in this media are preserved and protected under copyright act. Faddho reserves the rights to dictate this usage in whatever perimeters it deems fit. Therefore it is punishable by law to use, copy, draw, disseminate or to recreate it in whichever possible.

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